• Origin South Africa
  • Cape Town, Saturday 1st August, 2009

Capechurch.org.za Launched

Origin South Africa today launched a new website designed to promote unity and communication within the Church in Cape Town.

Capechurch.org.za was launched on the 1st August. At launch the website already listed more than 700 churches in Cape Town, South Africa with all the major mainstream Christian denominations already included.

The information is all collected manually to ensure the greatest degree of accuracy, with each church personally contacted by phone, fax or email, and the data entered into the Cape Church database.

The service is provided completely free. No charge is made to churches for listing, neither is any charge made to the end user. The website is a ministry of Origin South Africa.

Churches in the Cape Town area will continue to be added to the database, which is eventually planned to extend out to Paarl, Stellenbosch, Somerset West and beyond.

The GPS co-ordinates of every church are being gradually entered into the database, enabling the user to see the exact location of the church via capechurch.org.za's integration feature with Google maps.

A further soon-to-be-launched development will enable churches to log in themselves and update their own information.

Origin South Africa is pleased to open this new facility to church leadership and the general public with the prayer that it will help to promote visibility of Churches in Cape Town, assist people to find their local place of Christian worship, and promote greated communication and thus unity and understanding within the Church of Jesus Christ in South Africa.

Origin South Africa